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or ca·cha·ça  (kə-shä′sə)
A white Brazilian rum made from sugarcane.

[Brazilian Portuguese cachaça, of unknown origin.]


a white Brazilian rum made from sugar cane
[c19: from Brazilian Portuguese]
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Bacardi had served as a significant minority investor in cachaca brand Leblon for several years.
The signature Caipirinhas is made with its own Cachaca, sourced and distilled near Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.
The menu also offers fresh juices which can be mixed and muddled with silver cachaca or Havana Club spirits to create variations of Brazil's caipirinha cocktail.
The bar also serves a traditional Brazilian cocktail called Caipirinha which is made using locally sourced cachaca rum, freshly squeezed limes and sugar.
June 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Boca Loca, America's top producing brand of cachaca (ka-SHA-suh), has been awarded the highest rating ever presented within the cachaca category by the alcohol/spirits industry's most authoritative source.
95) and the Mixed Berry Caipirinha, which muddles limes with fresh berries and cachaca ($8.
If you are wondering what Cachaca is, it is a similar liquor to rum however goes through a different distillation process.
The 20th century brought a new perspective for the cachaca sector: the large national producers as well as the small stills and distilleries, also known as cachacarias, got involved in governmental programs seeking for new production strategies in the sector.
The slip was due to the continued decline in the Brazilian domestic market, which accounts for 99% of all cachaca sales.
Another way to get the party started, Leblon Cachaca, right, (PS34.
So try these tasty veggie dishes for National Vegetarian Week this week from the classic champinones with thick-sliced mushrooms in a creamy smoked chilli sauce, to the sultry, earthy Brazilian Beets cocktail, which combines cachaca with lemon, beetroot and spices.
The bar flaunts more than 50 tequilas, an assortment of more obscure Latin spirits such as mescal, pisco, cachaca and quality rums.