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or ca·cha·ça  (kə-shä′sə)
A white Brazilian rum made from sugarcane.

[Brazilian Portuguese cachaça, of unknown origin.]


a white Brazilian rum made from sugar cane
[c19: from Brazilian Portuguese]
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In the Miami Beach Loews Hotel, The Rum Line carries eight different cachacas, and offers a classic Caipirinha on the menu ($9).
After this diagnosis, an action plan was built with the following goals: to work on the associative aspects, to provide the technological improvement of production processes, to help with the management of companies, and to expand the participation of cachacas from Rio Grande do Sul in the domestic and foreign markets (CNI, 2010).
As a consequence, artisanal cachacas have different sensory qualities due to the metabolites and volatiles produced by the diversity of yeasts present during the fermentation process.
No segmento industrial, as cachacas sao destiladas em colunas de aco inox, por empresas de medio e grande porte, capazes de produzir entre 10.
Os resultados de varios estudos sensoriais demonstram que cachacas envelhecidas sao preferidas pelos consumidores, quando comparadas com cachacas comerciais naoenvelhecidas e mesmo das comerciais envelhecidas que podem, ainda, receber uma parte de aguardente nao-envelhecida e tambem ter correcao da cor por meio da adicao de corante e caramelo, conforme permite a Legislacao Brasileira (Cardello & Faria, 2000).
There are 28 different vodkas, 16 gins, 25 rums, five different cachacas (fantastic for those caipirinhas), 11 tequilas .
Also generating excitement is the wave of cachacas (Brazilian sugar cane rums) entering the market.
Dark rum--either the caramelly, spicy rums of the Caribbean, or the flavourful aged cachacas of Brazil.
His Nega Fulo brand, produced on a small alambique near the mountain city of Novo Friburgo in the state of Rio de Janeiro, has won acclaim as one of Brazil's best new cachacas.
Pero los productores quieren crear un mercado para cachacas de marca, mas oscuras, dirigidas a conocedores con dinero.
Leblon stands out amongst other cachacas in the market because of its unique distillation and finishing process -- the spirit is made from fresh pressed Brazilian sugar cane that is then rested in cognac casks to create superior complexity and taste.