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 (kă-sho͞o′, kăsh′o͞o)
A pastille used to sweeten the breath.

[French, from Portuguese cachu, from Malayalam kāccu, from Tamil kāyccu.]


(ˈkæʃuː; kæˈʃuː)
1. a lozenge eaten to sweeten the breath
2. (Elements & Compounds) another name for catechu
[C18: via French from Portuguese, from Malay kāchu]


(kəˈʃu, kæ-, ˈkæʃ u)

n., pl. -chous.
a lozenge for sweetening the breath.
[1700–10; < French < Portuguese cachu < Malay; see catechu]
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Noun1.cachou - a scented lozenge used to sweeten the breath (e.g. to conceal the odor of tobacco)
lozenge - a small aromatic or medicated candy


nCachou(bonbon) m or nt
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The French actress, known as Cachou, takes over the EU task from Italian film legend Gina Lollobrigida.
These papers were called "Domino" papers and they were used in all kinds of ways sometimes as book covers or draw liners and at other times as covers for tiny little cachou boxes.
The sweets come in 11 flavours - peach and apricot, aniseed, silver licorice, cachou, cherry, mixed fruits, coffee, apple, banana and two kinds of mint (including sugar-free).