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An Andalusian solo dance in 3/4 time, usually accompanied by the playing of castanets.

[Spanish, small boat, cachucha, possibly from diminutive of cacho, shard, saucepan, probably from Vulgar Latin *cacculus, alteration of Latin caccabus, pot, from Greek kakkabos, probably of Semitic origin; akin to Akkadian kukkubu, a small container.]


1. (Dancing) a graceful Spanish solo dance in triple time
2. (Music, other) music composed for this dance
[C19: from Spanish]
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After the cachucha he placed a magnificent ring on the stem of a bouquet, and threw it to the charming danseuse, who, in the third act, to do honor to the gift, reappeared with it on her finger.
What is a cachucha in Spain: a drink, a dance, or a door?
WHAT would you do with a cachucha - dance it, wear it or eat it?