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also cad·dice  (kăd′ĭs)
A coarse woolen fabric, yarn, or ribbon binding.

[Probably from Middle English cadace, cotton wool (from Anglo-Norman, from Old Provençal cadarz) and from French cadis, woolen cloth (from Old Provençal).]


(ˈkædɪs) or


(Textiles) a type of coarse woollen yarn, braid, or fabric


or cad•dice

(ˈkæd ɪs)

a kind of woolen braid, ribbon, or tape.
[1570–80; probably < Middle French cadis]
cad′dised, adj.


(ˈkæd ɪs)

[by shortening]
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The big March hatch is a greenish-bodied Brachycentrus caddis in #16 and #18.
Flies: Dries - black caddis, elk-hair caddis, fluttering caddis, blue dun, blue-winged olive, humpy, Adams, parachute Adams and other parachute patterns; wets or emergers - gray-hackle peacock and soft-hackle brassies with varying hackles (Hungarian partridge, grouse or gray-dyed hen) and thoraxes (peacock hurl, rabbit, beaver or muskrat); nymphs - bead-head hare's ear, muskrat nymph and any golden stonefly imitation.
Blues survived an early scare when Belgian winger Florent Cuvelier breezed past Caddis seven minutes in.
However, he'd barely touched the ball by the time Caddis had given the hosts the lead.
Gordon Strachan gave him the break, and Caddis relished the opportunity.
Caddis netted a double to put his side 2-0 up and cruising to a seemingly easy win over East Fife.
Caddis was all set to fight it out with German star Andy Hinkel for the right-back slot at Parkhead - and win.
But now Caddis is determined to play a major part as Celtic start their big push to lift a fourth successive championship, as they head back to Tannadice this today.
So we went each week of one summer to Michigan's Muskegon River, collected caddis larvae, and sent them to Professor Rich Merritt at the Department of Entomology at Michigan State University for identification.
However, whilst Caddis made his long-awaited international debut off the bench in Prague both players remained on the bench for the 1-0 win over Denmark last week.
Little could Caddis have known that he was about to add his name to such last-gasp heroes as Jimmy Glass, the goalkeeper whose late goal kept Carlisle United out of the Conference in 1999.
Caddis said: "I don't really know what to expect but I think it's guaranteed to be interesting.