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1. Having cadence or rhythm.
2. Archaic Falling, as water or tears.

[Latin cadēns, cadent-, present participle of cadere, to fall; see kad- in Indo-European roots.]


1. having cadence; rhythmic
2. archaic falling; descending
[C16: from Latin cadēns falling, from cadere to fall]


(ˈkeɪd nt)

1. having cadence.
2. Archaic. falling.
[1580–90; < Latin cadent-, s. of cadēns, present participle of cadere to fall]
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Adj.1.cadent - marked by a rhythmical cadence; "the cadenced crunch of marching feet"
rhythmic, rhythmical - recurring with measured regularity; "the rhythmic chiming of church bells"- John Galsworthy; "rhythmical prose"
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