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 (kä′drā, -drə, kăd′rē, kä′dər)
1. A nucleus of trained personnel around which a larger organization can be built and trained: a cadre of corporals who train recruits.
a. A tightly knit group of zealots who are active in advancing the interests of a revolutionary party.
b. A member of such a group.

[French, from Italian quadro, frame, from Latin quadrum, a square; see kwetwer- in Indo-European roots.]
Usage Note: Cadre was borrowed into English from French in the 19th century. People who know some French will recognize that the source word has no accent over the final e and so should not be pronounced with a final (ā) sound if the French origin of the word is to be acknowledged. Nonetheless, the pronunciation with a final (ā) has become well-established in the United States and predominates today. In our 1996 survey, 67 percent of the Usage Panel said they pronounced this word this way, as (kä′drā), while 16 percent said they used (kä′drə), a further 9 percent pronounced the word (kăd′rē), and 3 percent, (kä′dər). All of these pronunciations should be considered acceptable in American English. · The (kä′drā) pronunciation is thus an American invention that arose as a mistake, probably because its foreign or European origin remained vaguely in people's awareness without a clear understanding of the French source word. In this situation, when a word is thought to be a foreign borrowing, people often follow established patterns of pronunciation in borrowed words, and for cadre, Spanish padre presents a familiar model. The pronunciation of cadre ending in (ā) might also have been made more likely by the tendency of English speakers to drop accent marks when spelling French borrowings, such as protege, while retaining the final vowel sound.


1. (Military) the nucleus of trained professional servicemen forming the basis for the training of new units or other military expansion
2. a basic unit or structure, esp of specialists or experts; nucleus; core
3. (Military) a group of revolutionaries or other political activists, esp when taking part in military or terrorist activities
4. a member of a cadre
[C19: from French, from Italian quadro, from Latin quadrum square]


(ˈkæd ri, ˈkɑ dreɪ)

1. the key group of officers and enlisted personnel necessary to establish and train a new military unit.
2. any core group qualified to form, train, and lead an expanded organization or work force.
3. a member of a cadre.
4. a framework.
[1905–10; < French: frame bounds. < Italian quadro < Latin quadrum square]


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Noun1.cadre - a small unit serving as part of or as the nucleus of a larger political movement
sleeper cell - a cell of sleepers; "an al-Qaeda sleeper cell may have used Arizona as its base"
radical cell, terrorist cell - a cell of terrorists (usually 3 to 5 members); "to insure operational security the members of adjacent terrorist cells usually don't know each other or the identity of their leadership"
political entity, political unit - a unit with political responsibilities
political movement - a group of people working together to achieve a political goal
2.cadre - a nucleus of military personnel capable of expansion
armed forces, armed services, military, military machine, war machine - the military forces of a nation; "their military is the largest in the region"; "the military machine is the same one we faced in 1991 but now it is weaker"
core, core group, nucleus - a small group of indispensable persons or things; "five periodicals make up the core of their publishing program"


noun group, band, core, framework, corps, nucleus, hard core, key group An elite cadre of trained soldiers was standing by.


[ˈkædrɪ] N (Mil etc) → cuadro m (Pol) (= worker, official) → delegado/a m/f


n (Mil, fig) → Kader m


[ˈkædrɪ] n (Pol) (group) → gruppo scelto
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The fact that the change comes close on the heels of the Delhi poll debacle for the BJP is what is prompting some of the cadre to question the move.
of management cadre and regretted that the government despite giving promotion to all cadres of teachers had completely ignored the services rendered by the management cadre officers for implementing the reforms agenda of the present government.
Held for the second year in a row, the event brought together 15 Qatargas cadre leaders and 28 AKIS student leaders.
Cadre operates a single frac sand mine and plant, with recently expanded annual capacity of about 800,000 tpy of Premium Hickory sand.
The successful acquisition of Cadre presents new opportunities for U.
Naharlagun, Dec 1 ( ANI ): Describing Seva Dal as the numero uno frontal wing of the Congress, Chief Minister and Arunachal Pradesh Congress Seva Dal (APCSD) chairman Nabam Tuki on Sunday exhorted its cadres to rekindle the patriotic spirit of Indians, particularly the Arunachalees.
The pre-1949 revolutionary experience in Zhejiang led to a power struggle between two elite groups after 1949: the guerrilla cadre group and the southbound cadre group.
In 2001, the Space Commission noted that DOD needs a force composed of educated, motivated, and competent personnel, but DOD was not yet on course to develop the space cadre the nation needs.
For the last two years, Air Force Reserve MTIs have played a significant role at BCT, helping prepare the cadre, nearly 1,000 strong, who in turn train the 1,400 basic cadet trainees.
However, no formal commitment existed to deliberately create or manage a well-trained cadre of officers with the regional expertise needed to effectively support DoD and Air Force global mission requirements.
Based on my 3 years of AFROTC experience, I believe the AFROTC lesson plans, the influences of the cadre members, upper class cadets, and peer cadets, family environment, structure, and money all contributed to the development of character in AFROTC cadets.