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 (kə-do͞o′sē-əs, -shəs, -dyo͞o′-)
n. pl. ca·du·ce·i (-sē-ī′)
a. A herald's wand or staff, especially in ancient times.
b. Greek Mythology A winged staff with two serpents twined around it, carried by Hermes.
2. An insignia modeled on Hermes's staff and used as the symbol of the medical profession.

[Latin cādūceus, alteration of Greek dialectal kārūkeion, from kārūx, herald.]

ca·du′ce·an (-sē-ən, -shən) adj.


relating to a caduceus
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Adj.1.caducean - of or relating to a caduceus
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Visitors to the site may also search for Newton's graphic alchemical symbols, some of which represent exotic formulas such as "the Green Lyon," "the Star Regulus of Antimony," and "the Caducean Rod of Mercury.
The final installment of this series of articles will explore techniques for obtaining operations experience and shattering the caducean ceiling.
In short, the caducean ceiling seems evident enough to me for physicians, but a mere MD shouldn't get in your way.