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also cae·cum (sē′kəm)
n. pl. ce·ca also cae·ca (-kə)
1. Anatomy The large pouch at the beginning of the large intestine, located in the lower right-hand side of the abdomen. Also called blind gut.
2. A sac or bodily cavity with only one opening.

[Middle English, from Latin (intestīnum) caecum, blind (intestine), neuter of caecus, blind.]

ce′cal adj.
ce′cal·ly adv.
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Yesterday, campaign group CAECA called for the suspension of the committee and questioned whether, under Department for Transport (DfT) guidelines, the invited chairman should remain in place.
ABSTRACT : The present study was designed to assess the influence of caeca on the availability of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese and copper from soybean, sunflower, rapeseed, sesame, fish and meat cum bone meal in adult roosters.
Anti-expansion group CAECA says it has "serious misgivings" about the committee, which is being created by Lord Peter Snape, under invitation by airport boss Bill Savage.
Mr Avery, a web designer from Chapelfields, Coventry, named his site caeca.
Lia Border, of Caeca, said: "We have written to Lord Snape asking him to clarify some points regarding the formation and scope of the committee and we are awaiting his reply.
Vocal anti-airport expansion campaign group CAECA, made up of local residents, says it has concerns about accepting the invitation to be part of the consultation, which it says should have occurred before flights began.
2011) distinguished two major morphological types of the alimentary tract: (1) a simple tube with a crop and (2) a simple tube flanked laterally with metamerically paired caeca (= gut diverticulae).
The effects of Campylobacter numbers in caeca on the contamination of broiler carcasses with Campylobacter, Intl.
The isolation and properties of the predominant anaerobic bacteria in the caeca of the Chickens and Turkeys.
During the larval stages, at the junction of the stomodeum with mesodeum, two pairs of caeca are present--an anterior pair formed by a simple tubule and a lateral pair with three lobes (Fig.
Detail of the posterior midgut (Pm) and gastric caeca (C) transition.
Caecal bifurcation pre-acetabular closer to oral sucker than to acetabulum, forming caecal shoulders before beginning descent from acetabular level; posteriorly caeca thick-walled, with short diverticula on median and lateral sides terminating just above excretory bladder (Fig.