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or Caer·phil·ly  (kär-fĭl′ē)
A mild white Welsh cheese.

[After Caerphilly, a district of southeast Wales.]


1. (Placename) a market town in SE Wales, in Caerphilly county borough: site of the largest castle in Wales (13th–14th centuries). Pop: 31 060 (2001)
2. (Placename) a county borough in SE Wales, created in 1996 from parts of Mid Glamorgan and Gwent. Pop: 170 200 (2003 est). Area: 275 sq km (106 sq miles)
3. a creamy white mild-flavoured cheese


(kɑrˈfɪl i)

a mild, white, crumbly, medium-hard cheese.
[after Caerphilly, town in S Wales where it was orig. made]
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Whether it was nerves, inexperience or a bit of both, Caerphilly lost their heads and lost control of the game.
GLASGOW suffered their first loss against Caerphilly in 15 league games, as the Welsh side continued their fine run of form.
RUNNERS return to Caerphilly on June 22 for the Caerphilly 10k.
SIR - With reference to the letter on Caerphilly council pay rises by Clive Payne (Dec 10) following media articles publicising the secretive executive pay awards.
IN THE words of Caerphilly coach Terry Holmes, Narberth were "quite magnificent" in going down to a narrow defeat at the hands of the mightilyrelieved Premier Division side.
CELTIC League bottom club Caerphilly were outgunned by an in-form Gloucester at Kingsholm.
INTREPID residents of South Wales are being encouraged to seize the opportunity of exciting explorations around Caerphilly and beyond.
SIR - The scandalous pay rises - up to PS400 per week - that the senior employees and departmental heads of Caerphilly County Borough Council have recently awarded themselves has yet again highlighted the fact that the senior employees at Caerphilly council are totally out of the control of the democratic process ("Claim of 'unlawful' council pay rises", Dec 7).
A Caerphilly insider said last night: "Care had to be taken in case anything was wrong with his neck.
Luke Richards converted both the Caerphilly scores.
CAERPHILLY County Borough Council's libraries service is joining forces with the team at the Safer Caerphilly Domestic Abuse Multi-Agency Centre to help raise awareness of the various support services available for victims of domestic abuse.
A HEALTHCARE company has taken the top prize at the Caerphilly Business Forum Awards.