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Noun1.cafeteria tray - a tray for carrying your food in a cafeteriacafeteria tray - a tray for carrying your food in a cafeteria
tray - an open receptacle for holding or displaying or serving articles or food
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a toilet or shower chair, a walker or wheelchair, a small table on wheels, a sturdy cafeteria tray or a magnifying glass for reading), ask if we'd like them.
Future events include outdoor competitions like the cafeteria tray relay and lawn chair gymnastics.
Binkle expects to add new members within the next two years, after gaining nonprofit status and working through the cafeteria tray initiative.
Not only do LifeProof cases provide ultimate protection from cafeteria tray disasters and pep rally catastrophes, but do so in style with cases both parents and kids can agree on.
Associated with this school and the school cafeteria tray Menez in Larmor-Plage.
The cafeteria tray with its straight sides and rounded corners is a good example of a false curve.
Hill and MacKenzie turn them into museum-quality vignettes by arranging them in a vintage metal cafeteria tray.
A cafeteria tray had more than 10 times as many germs as a toilet seat (33,800 bacterial cells/[in.
He does it on an icy chute a mile long, his face inches from the surface as he rides a sled not much bigger than a cafeteria tray at 70 miles an hour.
And a vital faith is more like an organism or a work of art than it is like a cafeteria tray.
The weapons packs include: Weapons Pack Offense Defense Urban Assault Luger, Shotgun, AK-47 Bulletproof Vest Food Fight Egg, Tomato, Pie Cafeteria Tray Medieval Mace, Catapult, Crossbow Wood Shield Construction Jack Hammer, Dynamite Man Hole Cover Wrecking Ball Riot Pack Hand Grenade, Dagger, Police Riot Shield Molotov Cocktail Military Pack Stealth Bomber, Mortar Satellite Cruise Missiles
The statistics are enough to make any parent cringe: the average American child experiences from six to 10 colds each year; 22 million days of school are missed annually because of illnesses caused by bacteria and viruses; and a school cafeteria tray can be covered with nearly 33,800 bacterial germs per inch