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or kaf·tan  (kăf′tăn′, -tən, kăf-tăn′)
1. A full-length garment with elbow-length or long sleeves, worn chiefly in eastern Mediterranean countries.
2. A westernized version of this garment consisting of a loose, usually brightly colored waist-length or ankle-length tunic.

[Russian kaftan, from Ottoman Turkish qaftān (equivalent to Modern Turkish kaftan), from Old Turkic qaptan, alteration of earlier *qāp-tōn : qāp, sack + tōn, garment.]


(ˈkæfˌtæn; -ˌtɑːn)
(Clothing & Fashion) a variant spelling of kaftan


or kaf•tan

(ˈkæf tæn, kæfˈtæn)

1. a long garment with long sleeves, sometimes sashed at the waist, worn in the Middle East.
2. a long full robe, similar to this, worn for lounging, as beachwear, etc.
[1585–95; < Russian kaftán < Turkish < Persian qaftān]
caf′taned, adj.
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Noun1.caftan - a woman's dress style that imitates the caftan cloaks worn by men in the Near East
dress, frock - a one-piece garment for a woman; has skirt and bodice
2.caftan - a (cotton or silk) cloak with full sleeves and sash reaching down to the ankles; worn by men in the Levant
cloak - a loose outer garment


[ˈkæftæn] Ncaftán m


kaftan [ˈkæftæn] ncaftan m, cafetan m


nKaftan m


kaftan [ˈkæftæn] ncaffettano



(ˈkӕftӕn) noun
a type of long flowing dress or robe sometimes brightly-coloured.
References in classic literature ?
The owner of the vile den, a bony short man in a dirty cloth caftan coming down to his heels, stood by, his hands tucked into his belt, and nodded confirmation.
Yes, little father," the man in the long caftan said plaintively.
Actualites Eecrit par Maria Souinida Caftan entre tradition et modernite Sous le theme [beaucoup moins que]Caftan entre tradition et modernite[beaucoup plus grand que], l'association Mains Blanches d'El Jadida organise la 3e edition du Caftan Mazagan.
Metallics, caftan cuts, sparkles and fluttering sleeves: Acra's spring-summer collection was a shout out to the era of hang-loose style, though overall she took a more muted approach with her color palette.
I went back to England and took part in London Fashion Week and the visitors loved the clothes, especially the fact that they could throw on a caftan for a casual day-time look and then dress-it-up for a fun night out.
In support of this worthy cause, some of Morocco's most celebrated fashion design talents were brought together at the 12th glorious year of Caftan with Passion, an annual celebration of Moroccan and Oriental Haute Couture, which attracts professionals from the global fashion industry as well as the international glitterati that proliferate in this cutting edge industry.
The dictionary definition is that a Kaftan is a woman's dress style derived from the Caftan cloaks worn by men in the near East.
The chances of Anthea saying any such thing is as unlikely as Oliver Reed asking the barman: ``Make mine a mineral water'', Liz Hurley purring: ``Find me a long baggy caftan.
The sheer chiffon sleeves that fluttered down the runway gave a subtle nod to North African caftan.
In the '60s the caftan was cool--beloved by Diana Vreeland and gay mogul Allan Carr (right).