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also cay·man (kā′mən)
n. pl. cai·mans also cay·mans
Any of various tropical American crocodilians of the genus Caiman and related genera of the family Alligatoridae, differing from the alligators in having bony plates on the belly.

[Spanish caimán, from Carib acayuman.]


n, pl -mans
(Animals) a variant spelling of cayman


or cay•man

(ˈkeɪ mən)

n., pl. -mans.
any of several tropical American crocodilians of the genus Caiman and allied genera.
[1570–80; < Sp caimán < Carib]
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Noun1.caiman - a semiaquatic reptile of Central and South America that resembles an alligator but has a more heavily armored bellycaiman - a semiaquatic reptile of Central and South America that resembles an alligator but has a more heavily armored belly
crocodilian, crocodilian reptile - extant archosaurian reptile
genus Caiman - caimans
Caiman sclerops, spectacled caiman - caiman with bony ridges about the eyes; found from southern Mexico to Argentina


[ˈkeɪmən] Ncaimán m


nKaiman m
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The exotic animal collector, who also owns lizards, snakes and frogs, had been keeping the Spectacled Caiman in a lock-up at Snowdon Road, near the town centre.
Karl Griffiths, better known in the Valleys as gruesome wrestler Caiman, is coming out of retirement for one night only.
Bob had a rare opportunity to practice the caiman call that we had learned in the Ecuadorian Amazon in order to get the reptile's attention.
LOVE ME ZOO: Diane and Colin with boa, caiman, African turtle and a bearded dragon lizard
There are now over 150 species at the Underwater Zoo such as caiman crocodiles, leafy seadragons, humboldt penguins, piranhas, otters, harbour seals, water rats, terrapins and eels, among others.
BAE responded by kicking into high gear, more than doubling its production from about 15 Caiman trucks per day to roughly 35.
Two years earlier, an alligator, a crocodile-like caiman and a lizard were seized from a Millville home.
Among the 12 finalists in four categories -- destination award, conservation award, investor in people award and global tourism business award -- there is only one entity from Latin America: The Caiman Ecological Refuge, located in Brazil's Pantanal.
Perhaps the best prospect of the rider's haul looked to be the Richard Hannon-trained Grande Caiman (12-1) who was a ready winner of the Go Pontin's Maiden Stakes.
I am perched in a very small, rather vulnerable low boat in the Amazon, surrounded by caiman and of course, beneath the surface, hundreds of razor-teethed piranha.
The unidentified object moved and she realised it was a 2ft-long caiman, a small alligator originating from the Cayman Islands and Central America.
Caiman lizards are listed as a CITES Appendix II species, owing to the possibility that they might soon be under threat of extinction in their native South American habitats.