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A Brazilian cocktail typically made of cachaca, crushed limes, and sugar.

[Brazilian Portuguese, from diminutive of caipira, bumpkin, hick, perhaps from alteration (influenced by curupira, a kind of demon or guardian spirit of the wilderness in Tupí myth and Brazilian folklore) of caipora, demon or guardian spirit of the wilderness somewhat similar to the curupira, from Tupí kaapora : kaa, scrubland + -pora, inhabitant.]
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The signature Caipirinhas is made with its own Cachaca, sourced and distilled near Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.
The Caipirinhas, with their own Magnifica cachaca, were ice cooling but with a hefty 7-1 in the semi finals kick.
To introduce the spirits to guests, Cuba Libre's Happy Hour is called Caippy Hour, featuring $5 Caipirinhas and small-bite picadas such as empanadas, tostones and grilled baby octopus.
There are many considerations, of course, and they are not all about climate, cuisine or caipirinhas.
Hans is making caipirinhas, as snow falls outside the kitchen window, and Hitler is making his first speech as Chancellor of Germany.
The newest emerging world market to welcome Chili's, in turn introduced the brand's culinary team to Picahna, a prime cut of top sirloin popular in the churrascarias of Southern Brazil, and Caipirinhas, the country's national cocktail made with a blend of fresh limes, sugar and cachaca - a Brazilian spirit made from sugarcane.
Bar tenders served up plenty of Caipirinhas, traditional Brazilian cocktails served with sugar cane rum, helping the party get into the full carnival swing.
To whizz up caipirinhas for a crowd, try this recipe: Cut three fresh limes into quarters and place in a jug with 80ml of sugar syrup.
Wash them all down with caipirinhas, the Brazilian cocktail which is made with cachaca cane spirit.
He is said to have ordered caipirinhas and pizza for his pals, while they patiently waited for dinner, eventually sitting at two tables.
It's a fine setting with a bar that specialises in caipirinhas.