cairn terrier

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cairn terrier

A small dog of a breed developed in Scotland, having a broad head and a rough shaggy coat.

[So called because it hunts among cairns.]

cairn′ ter′rier

one of a Scottish breed of small, short-legged terriers with a broad head and a rough coat.
[1905–10; said to be so called because they are found in areas abounding in cairns]
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Noun1.cairn terrier - small rough-haired breed of terrier from Scotlandcairn terrier - small rough-haired breed of terrier from Scotland
terrier - any of several usually small short-bodied breeds originally trained to hunt animals living underground
cairn terrier
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Gilda Hillstomper Ten month old Cairn Terrier from Stirling, owned by Jen, Jocelin and Annabella Donnachie
April 1 | Cairn Terrier Club Championship Show in Alva.
Breeds the students are keenest to groom include: wire haired, such as West Highland Terrier, Cairn Terrier, Fox Terrier, Jack Russell, Border Terrier, Scottish Terrier and Schnauzer; wool coated such as Poodle, Bichons, Cavapoo and Cavichon; double coated such as Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso, Pomeranian and Pekinese; her own salon, said: "If you have a friendly, well-behaved dog who would like to be pampered and groomed in our brand new facility, we want to hear from you.
Our 10-year-old Cairn Terrier, George, is a loyal companion.
Produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, it starred Judy Garland as Dorothy and a Cairn terrier called Terry as Toto.
Last week the Snowdonia Animal Sanctuary launched a bid to re-home Jilly, a 10-yearold cairn terrier and Susie, a 12-year-old collie, who were taken in when their owner, Jennifer Taylor died in early October.
Jeremy lives in Connecticut with his wife Kathryn and cairn terrier Carrie.
Dogs: Their Secret Lives C4, 8pm This week it's Layla the Springer Spaniel, Nash the Cairn Terrier and Thor the Great Dane having their every bark and poop analysed.
Collins who has generously adopted Dottie's beloved cairn terrier "Little Bit.
Pet rescue BINX is a three-year-old Cairn Terrier who needs someone around most of the time, although another kind dog would help this anxiety disappear over time.
EARNING HIS STRIPES: Cairn terrier, Chow, on his first birthday in his new jumper, as sent in by Helen Sheldon HOUSE CAT: John Hancox, Roland Avenue, Holbrooks sent in this picture of his cat William.