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Noun1.cakehole - informal terms for the mouthcakehole - informal terms for the mouth  
mouth, oral cavity, oral fissure, rima oris - the opening through which food is taken in and vocalizations emerge; "he stuffed his mouth with candy"
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07590 471888 MUSIC Cakehole Presley Psychedelic folk pop group influenced by Woody Guthrie, the Beatles, Syd Barrett and Rolling Stones hold their big New Year's Eve gig.
Some of those now trying to claim compensation for their ruined travel plans might be tempted to allocate some dosh in return for Mr O'Leary shutting his cakehole and concentrating instead on the creation of an efficient and principled business focused on customer satisfaction.
LOLZ, shizzle and cakehole are among 6,500 new words added to the existing quarter of a million in the latest Collins Scrabble word list.
There are some surprises, like Extra Slice host Jo Brand, who is revealed to have what Gaz calls 'dulcet tones' when she opens her cakehole.
She was shortlisted for the Perrier Award at the Edinburgh Festival before landing her own comedy show, Jo Brand Through the Cakehole.
Even Maria's dopey brother Kirk becomes violent and has to be held back from shoving a custard slice down Todd's cakehole by Anna in the cafe.
Jo is a well-known performer on television and radio, appearing in shows such as The Brain Drain, Jo Brand Through the Cakehole, Getting On and QI.
I'll shut my cakehole on the matter before I have to eat my words .
Finally, and I thought for a while it may have been the last thing to ever grace my highly trained cakehole.
55 Jo Brand: Through the Cakehole Christmas Special 1.