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or cak•y

(ˈkeɪ ki)
adj. cak•i•er, cak•i•est.
caked or tending to cake.
cak′i•ness, n.


, caky
adjklumpend; (= lumpy)klumpig
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It is colour-free and has a velvety feel which really helps smooth over fine lines helping to create a flawless finish without feeling heavy or cakey.
This went on smoothly and felt light on my skin, but still gave me decent coverage without looking cakey.
16) Not blending the makeup: When applying foundation using a brush, you will need to blend it well using either a foundation sponge or a buffing brush to avoid cakey layers and strikes of foundation.
David says: "You need a foundation that's full coverage but nourishing, otherwise it's going to look ageing and cakey.
SUN-KISSED LIPS AND CHEEKS Powder blushers will go cakey and cream blushers and lippies will act like sand magnets.
However you classify it, it's tough to go wrong when sandwiching a creamy filling in a sweet, moist, cakey bun.
Try wearing a suit of armour to work, or changing your name to Princess Fahalahalahala Cakey McSmith.
They thought that her creation was like a biscuit and was cakey compared to the other pastries.
Surely presenting The Great British Bake Off for four series has taught her a thing or two about turning a lump of butter and a fist full of flour into a cakey creation?
The Game is playing in Manchester on Saturday and has rescheduled Middlesbrough for March 5, with Dappy and Paigey Cakey supporting - tickets purchased for last night's performance will be honoured for March.
The velvety, full-coverage Celebration Foundation[TM] Illumination is infused with a blend of anti-aging skin-loving ingredients that help leave skin feeling fresh and hydrated, never dry or cakey.