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Noun1.calabura - a fast-growing tropical American evergreen having white flowers and white fleshy edible fruit; bark yields a silky fiber used in cordage and wood is valuable for staves
genus Muntingia, Muntingia - one species: Jamaican cherry; sometimes placed in family Flacourtiaceae
tree - a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown; includes both gymnosperms and angiosperms
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Muntingia calabura also known as Jamaica cherry belongs to the family Elaeocarpaceae.
In view of the above said properties, the present study was carried out to investigate the antioxidant activity, phenolic, flavonoid and anthocyanin content of the fruits of Muntingia calabura.
Phenology, seed disperal, and colonization in Muntingia calabura, a neotropical pioneer tree.
F 3 2 Elaeocarpaceae Muntingia calabura S,FP 12 1 Euphorbiaceae Sapium glandulosum S,FP 9 3 Leguminocae Ertithrina poeppigiana F 4 2 Erythrina costaricensis F 5 1 Lorantaceae Psittacamthus sp.
Muntingia calabura Linn is a plant that belongs to the Elaeocarpaceae family, commonly known as cherry tree.
calabura Linn were collected from the surrounding areas of Erode, Tamil Nadu state, India during 2008-2009 and the plant was identified and authenticated and deposited (voucher number: BSI/SC/5/23/09-10/Tech-132) at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.