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Noun1.caladenia - any of various orchids of the genus Caladenia
orchid, orchidaceous plant - any of numerous plants of the orchid family usually having flowers of unusual shapes and beautiful colors
genus Caladenia - terrestrial orchids of Australia to New Caledonia
Caladenia cairnsiana, zebra orchid - orchid with reddish linear leaves and panicle of purple-marked pale-yellow flowers with deep red or purple lip; southwestern Australia
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More recent survey work and understanding of the floristics of MCFFR now recognise an additional eight species and two plant communities that are of significance because they are rare, vulnerable or poorly known at a regional or State level: Summer Spider-orchid Caladenia flavovirens (State significance), Wine-lipped Spider-orchid Caladenia oenochila (State significance), Fringed Helmet-orchid Corybas fimbriatus, Green-striped Greenhood Pterostylis chlorogramma (National and State significance), Cobra Greenhood Pterostylis grandiflora, Red-tipped Greenhood Pterostylis sp.
2001), in that being close to an existing plant of the terrestrial orchid Caladenia arenicola could promote the germination of seeds of the same species in situ.
1995) acquired seedlings of two Caladenia species from seed in 10 wk on pre-inoculated potting mix (ex vitro germination), and noted that seed germination was absent in containers lacking mycorrhizal fungi and in potting mix that was not previously sterilized.
Found in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and King and Cape Barren Islands, the tiny caladenia (Caladenia pusilla) is so named for its small flowers, often just eight millimetres across.
Ecological and genetic consequences of pollination by sexual deception in the orchid Caladenia tentactulata.
Male thynnine wasps (Tiphiidae: Subfamily Thynninae) are the pollinators of some 70 species in the genera Arthrochilus, Caladenia, Chiloglottis, Drakaea, Spiculaea, and Paracaleana whereas other parasitic wasps, sawflies, and ants pollinate Cryptostylis and Calochilus, Paracaleana, and Leporella, respectively (Stoutamire 1983; Peakall et al.
Larger is better: the effects of floral display on reproductive success in two populations of Caladenia (Stegostyla) gracilis R.
The specimen from Lady Barron became the Southern Spider-orchid Caladenia australis when Carr (1991: 2-3) named the species (Fig.
Male thynnine wasps of various genera also pollinate species of all or most species of Caleana (flying duck orchids-7 species), Caladenia (spider orchids and others-250 species), Chiloglottis (27 species), and Drakaea (hammer orchids-9 species), (Peakall, 1990; Adams & Lawson, 1993; van der Cingel, 2001; Alrich et al.
In addition, this reserve is one of the sites used in the study of the rare and threatened Eastern Spider Orchid Caladenia orientalis by the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) (now Department of Environment and Primary Industries).
Species of particular significance in terms of known populations on Trust for Nature land include Chariot Wheels Maireana cheelii (Vv), Concave Pomaderris Pomaderris subplicata (Vv), Euroa Guinea-flower Hibbertia humifusa erigens (Vv), Leafy Greenhood Pterostylis cucullata (Ve), Little Pink Spider-orchid Caladenia rosella (Ee), Matted Flax-lily Dianella amoena (Ee), Spiny Rice-flower Pimelea spinibractea spinibractea (Ce), Dwarf Kerrawang Rulingia prostrata (Ee) and Swamp Sheoak Casuarina obesa (e).