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n. pl. cal·a·thi (-thī′)
A vase-shaped basket represented in Greek painting and sculpture.

[Latin, from Greek kalathos.]


n, pl -thi (-ˌθaɪ)
(Art Terms) a vase-shaped basket represented in ancient Greek art, used as a symbol of fruitfulness
[C18: from Latin, from Greek kalathos]
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The most numerous species were Poecilus versicolor (Sturm 1824), Pterostichus melanarius (Illiger 1798), Calathus melanocephalus (Linne 1758), C.
Calosoma cancellatum Eschscholtz, Calathus ruficollis Casey, Calathus ingratus Dejean, and Pterostichus adstrictus Eschscholtz.
Prey consumption and fecundity of the carabid beetle Calathus melanocephalus on diets of three cereal aphids: high consumption rates of low-quality prey.