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 (kăl-kā′nē-əs) also cal·ca·ne·um (-nē-əm)
n. pl. cal·ca·ne·i (-nē-ī′) also cal·ca·ne·a (-nē-ə)
The quadrangular bone at the back of the tarsus. Also called heel bone.

[Late Latin calcāneus, heel, from Latin calcāneum, from calx, calc-.]

cal·ca′ne·al adj.
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Adj.1.calcaneal - relating to the heel bone or heel


, calcanean
a. calcáneo-a, rel. al calcáneo;
___ bonehueso calcáneo;
___ fracturefractura calcánea.
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Treatment of subtalar calcanean fractures using trans-osseous limited lateral approach.
In the case of professional athletes, the doctors usually recommend an ultrasonography for the tissues of the arch of the injured foot, and an X-ray of that foot, in order to see whether there is a calcanean osteophyte, which most of the times accompanies the plantar fasciitis.
Common calcanean tendon injuries may be partial or complete and may involve any combination of the three tendons that make up the CCT.