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cal·car 1

n. pl. cal·car·i·a (kăl-kâr′ē-ə)
A spur or spurlike projection, such as one found on the base of a petal or on the wing or leg of a bird.

[Latin, spur, from calx, calc-, heel.]

cal·car 2

A furnace formerly used in glassmaking for calcination of materials into frit.

[Italian calcara, from Late Latin calcāria (fornāx), lime(-kiln), from Latin, feminine of calcārius, of lime; see calcareous.]


n, pl calcaria (kælˈkɛərɪə)
(Biology) a spur or spurlike process, as on the leg of a bird or the corolla of a flower
[C19: from Latin, from calx heel]


(ˈkæl kɑr)

n., pl. cal•car•i•a (kælˈkɛər i ə)
a spur or spurlike process.
[< Latin: spur]
cal′ca•rate`, adj.
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Inde aurum in frenis, in sellis et calcaribus, et plus calcaria quam altaria fulgent.
O experimento foi desenvolvido na area do parque Zoo-botanico da Universidade Federal Rural do Semi-arido/UFERSA, Mossoro, Estado do Rio Grande do Norte, entre agosto de 2000 e maio de 2001, em uma area que antes era cultivada com bananas irrigadas com agua calcaria.
Calcaria Trading Workshops are proud to announce that Steve Bigalow, creator of the Japanese Candlestick Stock Trading System, will be holding 1-day workshops in both the US and the UK.