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Of, forming, or containing calcium or calcium carbonate.


(Chemistry) forming or producing salts of calcium, esp calcium carbonate


(kælˈsɪf ər əs)

1. forming salts of calcium, esp. calcium carbonate.
2. containing calcium carbonate.
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Adj.1.calciferous - bearing or producing or containing calcium or calcium carbonate or calcite
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My brother and I used to collect these calciferous remnants of sea creatures long, long past in sandwich bags and try to sell them to the next-door neighbours for two pence a throw.
And in Springs and Rocks, 1995, twelve jagged, calciferous stones quarried from the hole-riddled bedrock upon which much of Paris sits (in places unstably) were each bolted to a spring cable so that they dangled nearly to the floor like antitrophies (a negation of the apostles, the months in the calendar, the notes in an octave, the sign of the zodiac, and so on), as if playing an underworld role opposite Solarium's materialization of warmth.
It has been shown at Biosphere 2 that such changes lead to a reduction in carbonate fixation among calciferous organisms like corals: doubling the C[O.
Similar data, enlarged with added information on calciferous glands, were restated by Michaelsen (1918).
Yet despite transmigrasi, there has been no wholesale conversion to irrigation-based wet-rice production; Timorese soils, as observed above, are in most areas calciferous and loamy and thus unsuitable for ploughing, and if local myth is any indication, the habits of swidden are deeply rooted in local psyches.
The soils are fertile, especially at lower altitudes, because the crumbling substance originating from the calciferous bedrock (diabase-rich or siliceous rocks, i.
Many studies have demonstrated a link between breast cancer prevention and increased consumption of calciferous vegetables and antioxidant-rich foods.