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 (kăl-sīn′, kăl′sīn′)
v. cal·cined, cal·cin·ing, cal·cines
1. To heat (a substance) to a high temperature but below the melting or fusing point, causing loss of moisture, reduction or oxidation, and the decomposition of carbonates and other compounds.
2. To convert (liquid material, especially radioactive wastes) to granular solids by drying at very high temperatures.
To be calcined.
A substance produced by calcining.

[Middle English calcinen, from Old French calciner, from Medieval Latin calcīnāre, from Late Latin calcīna, quicklime, from Latin calx, calc-, lime; see calx.]

cal′ci·na′tion (-sə-nā′shən) n.
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Noun1.calcination - the conversion of metals into their oxides as a result of heating to a high temperature
oxidation, oxidisation, oxidization - the process of oxidizing; the addition of oxygen to a compound with a loss of electrons; always occurs accompanied by reduction
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After I have heard you myself, when the whole of my right side has been benumbed, going on with your master about combustion, and calcination, and calorification, and I may say every kind of ation that could drive a poor invalid distracted, to hear you talking in this absurd way about sparks and ashes
Then the nanocomposite was taken to the electric furnace at 185 0C for 5 h until to calcination.
Last month KPC's new CEO Hani Hussain told a petroleum conference in Kuwait: "We have been involved in a lot of activities that we thought we should not be involved in, such as lube oil, coke calcination, petrol stations, etc.
Based only on the reversible loss of adsorbed H2O in the samples, 250[degrees]C seems to be an adequate temperature for calcination.
For example, Fabre's comparison of the seven alchemical operations of calcination, distillation, dissolution, putrefaction, sublimation, coagulation, and fixation to the Catholic Church's seven sacraments exemplifies his use of alchemical processes and language to illustrate the mysteries of each sacrament while adhering strictly to orthodox teaching.
The group said it observed changes in the kinds and volume of substances absorbed based on calcination temperatures.
Part one reviews the main radioactive waste treatment processes and conditioning technologies, including volume reduction techniques such as compaction, incineration and plasma treatment, as well as encapsulation methods such as cementation, calcination and vitrification.
Tenders are invited for Clearance of Foreign Material Calcination and Other in Gallery of Atal Sagar Madikheda Dam under Sindh Project Phase-II
Les antagonistes ont utilise des pierres et des feux d'artifice, occasionnant le bris de verre a treize vehicules stationnes et la calcination totale de trois autres.
Tenders are invited for Design, Manufacture, Testing, Inspection, Supply, Erection, Commissioning and Performance Testing of Processed Uranium Cake Calcination System - 1 No
26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Manganese carbonate is a water-insoluble source of manganese that can be converted into other manganese compounds such as manganese oxide by calcination.