calcium gluconate

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cal′cium glu′conate

a white powder, CaC12H22O14, used as a calcium dietary supplement.
[1880–85; gluconate a salt of gluconic acid, obtained by oxidation of glucose; see glucose, -onic]
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Some of the food additives used as anti caking agents and permitted in the Europe are silicon dioxide, calcium silicate, magnesium silicate, Sodium gluconate, Calcium gluconate, Glucono delta-lactone among others.
sets, Polypropylene Hub Hypodermic Needles (14x2), and bottles of 500 ML Calcium Gluconate 23 Percent Solution.
1%) received intravenous (IV) calcium gluconate after surgery.
The intravenous administration of calcium gluconate does not change plasma potassium, but transiently improves the ECG.
Calcium ingredients supply overview in this report covers information on calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, calcium chloride, calcium citrate (tricalcium citrate), calcium gluconate, calcium lactate and calcium hydroxyapatite.
Almond milk sphere 800g sweetened almond milk Almond milk sphere 800g sweetened almond milk 5g xantham gum 16g calcium gluconate 5g xantham gum 16g calcium gluconate METHOD 1.
In other instances, research has shown that chitosan-coated strawberries retained more calcium gluconate than strawberries dipped into calcium solutions.
A calcium gluconate drip was started at a rate of 1 g/h.
The calcium preparation is selected from the group consisting of calcium carbonate, calcium chloride, calcium lactate, calcium gluconate, whey calcium, organic acid calcium, colloidal calcium carbonate, casein phosphopeptide calcium and calcium fluoride.
He was immediately treated with calcium gluconate 10%, insulin-sliding scale and salbutamol nebulisers.
5 mg/kg IM); calcium glubionate (100 mg/kg PO); calcium gluconate (100 mg/kg IM); supplemental fluids (45 mL/kg SC; Normosol-R, Hospira, Inc, Lake Forest, IL, USA); doxycycline (60 mg/kg IM; Vibravenos formulation, Pfizer Laboratories, London, Ontario, Canada); vitamins A, D, and E (3300 IU/kg IM; Northwest Pharmacy and Compounding Center, Houston, TX, USA); and edetate calcium disodium (35 mg/kg IM; calcium disodium versenate, 3M Pharmaceuticals, Northridge, CA, USA).