calcium propionate

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cal′cium pro′pionate

a white, water-soluble powder, CaC6H10O4, used in bakery products to inhibit the growth of fungi.
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Healthy Japanese black Wagyu bulls (n = 8), with an average body weight of 630[+ or -]15 kg, were randomly divided into two groups: control feeding group (CONT), which received the normal diet, and calcium propionate supplementation feeding group (PROP), which received the normal diet with calcium propionate supplement.
The growing food industry is expected to fuel the demand for calcium propionate in the forecast period.
After 10 days, the calcium propionate additive lost its effectiveness, but the edible films made with small droplets of the oils continued to inhibit the growth of mold.
Moreover, when compared to propionic acid and sodium propionate, calcium propionate was least effective as an inhibitor of mould growth [28].
5% of the weight, or in substitution, depending on the initial quantity of calcium propionate.
Zein film with or without nisin and calcium propionate coated on refrigerated ready-to-eat meat products can provide the additional safeguards needed to prevent the growth of L.
Finnish chemicals group Kemira Oyj said on Tuesday (3 July) that it is increasing its production capacity of calcium propionate used for feed and food industries by establishing a production site in China.
this burger comes on a whole wheat bun made from the following ingredients: whole wheat flour, water, cracked wheat, high fructose corn syrup, vegetable oil (partially hydrogenated soybean oil), gluten, yeast, salt, calcium sulfate, DATEM (diacetyl tartaric acid ester of mono-diglycerides), distilled monoglycerides, calcium propionate (preservative), azodicarbonamide, and fungal enzymes.
The brochure describes calcium acetate, potassium acetate, sodium diacetate, sodium phenoxy acetate, calcium propionate, and sodium propionate.
Since 1993, the ABA has had to settle for "freshly baked" thanks to the preservative calcium propionate, which the U.
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