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n. calciuria, presencia de calcio en la orina.
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42 pmol/L) levels, together with normal calciuria and phosphaturia.
a linear association between changes in calcium excretion in response to experimental changes in net acid excretion," the authors added that this was "not evidence that the source of the excreted calcium is bone or that this calciuria contributes to the development of osteoporosis.
Last but not the least, high-salt dietary may cause osteoporosis and the hypothesis raised is that the calciuria is partly due to salt-induced volume expansion which causes excretion of parathyroid hormone leading to bone remodeling.
5 mg/dl), creatinine clearance of 57 ml/mn, microcytic hypochromic anemia, proteinuria, high calciuria (638.
The aim of our present study is to analyze calcium metabolism and calciuria in postmenopausal women with osteoporotic fracture and without renal stones compared to women without osteoporosis and without renal stones.
Por ello, con el analisis de la excrecion fraccional de calcio, fosforo y magnesio en perros se podria analizar por ejemplo el estado de la calciuria postprandial y su relacion con la de los minerales fisiologicamente asociados.
Urinary calcium excretion is usually higher in children than in adults, because calciuria tapers with decreasing renal function [2].
2008), the Cd-associated calciuria is most likely a result of increased bone resorption, rather than decreased tubular reabsorption, which would instead have resulted in a compensatory increase in parathyroid hormone.
Cristaluria por oxalato de calcio y acido urico, su relacion con el pH, calciuria y uricosuria.
Despite some studies showing that high intakes of animal protein may trigger calciuria, or excess calcium in the urine, other research points out that a high-protein diet can actually increase intestinal calcium absorption.
16) Carefully monitoring of alkaline phosphatase, serum calcium and calciuria is necessary to prevent hypercalcemia in these patients.
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