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1. Determined by mathematical calculation.
2. Undertaken after careful estimation of the likely outcome: a calculated risk.
3. Made or planned to accomplish a certain purpose; deliberate: calculated modesty.
4. Likely; apt.

cal′cu·lat′ed·ly adv.


in a calculated manner
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Mourinho's switch to a 4-3-3 in Seville, but with Pogba on the bench, seemed a point being calculatedly made.
Its aftermath was calculatedly co-opted by some of those who had spent decades decrying the ANC as a terrorist outfit and intermittently demanding the execution of Mandela and his comrades.
The Left alliance is thus in trouble but this problem is a calculatedly structured one in that Prachanda who spent some good ten years in Delhi during the people's war must have some soft corner for the country, born 1947, wherein he was awarded a secured life in order to pounce upon his own country.
In addition, the company has carefully and calculatedly decided to open a new studio in South Carolina because it was becoming difficult to accommodate all their clients from the east coast of California.
I'm not sure if it was clumsy or calculatedly comedic but I could imagine his parents looking at each other: "I just KNEW he'd do something like that.
The position of the massacred bodies indicated that the people had been killed in cold blood, calculatedly.
Exhibit E: Instead of purchasing these little tissues that are affordable and available to purchase in literally every shop, the defendants calculatedly disregard the wellbeing of those innocent individuals around them and choose, instead, to willfully fulfil their own selfish and disgusting needs by ase Sniff one more time, mate, and it's solitary confinement ound sniffsniffsniffing during their entire journey.
Modestly conservative and centrist, Mas' move also calculatedly broke a political deadlock between his separatist alliance and left-wing lawmakers in the Catalan parliament on how best to push forward the independence agenda.
But we are thankful to God for all blessings, and we are taking all steps calculatedly,' he said.
Whereas in 303's glittering cave I was struck by the studied carelessness of her brushwork, her elegant sprezzatura, out under the track lights of real life, I was soon reminded that I was dealing with an artist whose calculatedly amateurish brushstrokes can read as exactly that: amateurish.
The idea that Hitler 'went mad' rather than calculatedly planning to murder Jews is also grossly offensive.