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A Mediterranean annual plant (Calendula officinalis) in the composite family, widely cultivated for its showy, yellow or orange, rayed flower heads that were formerly used in medicine, coloring, and flavoring of food. Also called pot marigold.

[Medieval Latin, marigold, from Latin kalendae, calends; see calends.]


1. (Plants) any Eurasian plant of the genus Calendula, esp the pot marigold, having orange-and-yellow rayed flowers: family Asteraceae (composites)
2. (Plants) the dried flowers of the pot marigold, formerly used medicinally and for seasoning
[C19: from Medieval Latin, from Latin kalendae calends; perhaps from its supposed efficacy in curing menstrual disorders]


(kəˈlɛn dʒə lə)

n., pl. -las.
a composite plant, Calendula officinalis, with many-rayed orange or yellow flowers.
[1870–75; < Medieval Latin, = Latin calend(ae) calends + -ula -ule]
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Noun1.calendula - any of numerous chiefly annual herbs of the genus Calendula widely cultivated for their yellow or orange flowerscalendula - any of numerous chiefly annual herbs of the genus Calendula widely cultivated for their yellow or orange flowers; often used for medicinal and culinary purposes
flower - a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms
genus Calendula - marigold
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Add a teaspoon of calendula oil to the mixture and stir until blended.
After the fruits and vegetables are in place, tuck in individual blossoms of rusty orange calendula for an inexpensive and bright floral touch.
The body will benefit from Calendula Complex, a combination of calendula (marigold), echinacea to boost immune function and wild pansy, which has an excellent cleansing action on the skin.
The Madara range comprises 22 different products that contain herbs and plants such as calendula, plantain and rosehip, which are well known for their high content of active ingredients.
There are two golden rules for keeping hands at their winter best - a gorgeous pair of gloves that are warm yet stylish and NIVEA (Hand SOS Intensive Balm with its concentrated formula containing Panthenol and Calendula Oil.
95, which combines coffee extract with calendula, soy bean, hemp seed oil and vitamin E, is fantastic.
If desired, add small flowers--we used nasturtium blooms, but other good choices are daisies, garden roses, and calendula.
But remember that any plant that self-seeds will grow where it wants to, not where you want it: Borago officinalis (borage), Calendula officinalis (marigold, pot marigold), Iberis umbellata (candytuft), Tropaeolum cus.
Fill in spaces with cool season annuals: snapdragon, pansy, calendula, sweet pea, dianthus, stock and viola.
To its natural lavender cleansing bar, earth friendly baby has added a chamomile shampoo and bodywash, calendula daily care cream, and red clover rash care cream.
It contains PurCellin, vitamin A, vitamin E, calendula oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil and chamomile oil and is really rich.