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 (kā′lĭks, kăl′ĭks)
n. ca·li·ces (kā′lĭ-sēz′, kăl′ĭ-)
1. Ecclesiastical A chalice.
2. Anatomy A calyx.

[Latin calix, calic-, cup.]


(ˈkeɪlɪks; ˈkæ-)
n, pl calices (ˈkælɪˌsiːz)
a cup; chalice
[C18: from Latin: chalice]


(ˈkeɪ lɪks, ˈkæl ɪks)

n., pl. cal•i•ces (ˈkæl ɪˌsiz)
a cup or chalice.
[1705–10; < Latin; see chalice]
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