call away

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w>call away

vt sepweg- or abrufen; I was called away on businessich wurde geschäftlich abgerufen; he was called away from the meetinger wurde aus der Sitzung gerufen
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Lifting words from Charlie Puth's hit single 'One Call Away,' it was the second time Jarencio alluded to a possible return to the Tigers' lair.
Varsha has guided us every step of the way and has been just a phone call away which has been hugely reassuring.
Summary: DUBAI -- Road assistance for motorists needing emergency car battery replacement is now a phone call away with the launch of Dial-A-Battery in the UAE.
We have one or two guys waiting in the wings, guys who are literally just a phone call away.
The network of people I have is only a phone call away.
I'm just a phone call away," the Scotsman quoted him as saying.
Care Link advisers are never more than a phone call away for the elderly, disabled and other vulnerable people they keep an eye on.
But they can also rest assured that their energy consultant is only a phone call away, ready to listen and decipher what you are really asking for.
PAUL Harris added another six wickets to his bulging Warwickshire tally then beat out a strident message to South Africa's selectors: "I'm only a phone call away.
I'm only a phone call away, and I would be perfect for him.
I was pleased to read your article about the national GLBT hotline ["A Phone Call Away," December 21].
Baldy Bullet Company is only a click of the mouse or a phone call away.