call round

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w>call (a)round

vi (inf)vorbeikommen
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Rosie is left in no doubt about her mother's infidelity when the Davenports call round for a drink.
However, last week I received a letter from the licence folk telling me they had to confirm there is no TV set in my home and an inquiry officer will call round in the near future.
When you consider you will be living so close to these people for many years, surely it's just polite to call round.
One said: "Is someone gonna phone n sort the money out for this car or shall I call round to see someone.
He persuaded his 24-year-old victim to call round and test his faithfulness.
He persuaded his victim to take part in an elaborate honeytrap - where she would call round and test his faithfulness.
Perhaps they could they call round and perform a couple of miracles when they are not so busy keeping us all so happy with their wonderful deeds?
Shall I go and lie down in the kitchen or hall Or go for a walk like the tin man with a squeal, Oh darling please please please please please come back to me, Life without you is empty, meaningless, unreal, If you call round once more I'll not complain 'till three.
The singer also revealed that she has people call round "in the middle of the night" to satisfy her needs.
Tom might have hoped his idol would take up the offer, but he couldn't be sure that the snooker player would actually call round for tea and biscuits.
Council canvassers may call round if no response has been received.
I see her driving in the area most days, so I can stop her then or I can ring her or call round at her home.