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Heineman was ejected after a called strike on a checked-swing and then Horton came out to argue the call and he was ejected.
The body of Shia organizations, Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen, had also called strike in protest of Mastung killings.
A called strike also ends the turn, but not offering at a pitch outside the strike zone will get the hitter another pitch.
Vinny Castilla, angered because the previous pitch had been called strike two, then drove one off the right-field wall, putting runners on second and third and raising questions as to whether Carrara might be running on fumes.
They have a group called Strike Back, and they commission their own studies, treating the cooked statistics as independent facts," says Schwab.
As the game wore on, the number of Angels who stood and stared in disbelief after taking a called strike three grew.
Uggla actually squared to bunt on the first pitch he saw from Quakes reliever Dave Wolensky, which was a called strike.
The crunch occurred when designated hitter Craig Ansman was ejected for arguing a called strike in the top of the eighth inning, and JetHawks manager Bill Plummer used Josh Kroeger, his only remaining bench player, to replace converted first baseman Jesus Cota in left field in the bottom half of the inning.
But the junior left-hander tucked a fastball on the outside corner for a called strike three on Rob Itri to end the inning.
Coolbaugh had a dispute with Hamburg over a called strike three on JetHawks catcher J.
Joyner got the boot as well when he grumbled about a called strike while batting in the third inning.