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a. The art of fine handwriting.
b. Works in fine handwriting considered as a group.
2. Handwriting.

[French calligraphie, from Greek kalligraphiā, beautiful writing : kalli-, beautiful (from kallos, beauty) + -graphiā, -graphy.]

cal·lig′ra·pher, cal·lig′ra·phist n.
cal′li·graph′ic (kăl′ĭ-grăf′ĭk) adj.
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Noun1.calligrapher - someone skilled in penmanship
skilled worker, skilled workman, trained worker - a worker who has acquired special skills


[kəˈlɪgrəfəʳ] Ncalígrafo/a m/f
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Her new boss's father had served as White House calligrapher from the Wilson through the Eisenhower Administrations.
The first handwritten bible to be produced since the printing press was invented is being produced by Donald Jackson, a calligrapher and Queen Elizabeth's own scribe.
From page to page, they should alternate who is the calligrapher and who is the illuminator.
In the lobby, a Chinese calligrapher demonstrated the art of the brush and created Chinese names for the students and their parents before and after the performances.
I'm a calligrapher and I sculpt in clay, so this is just another calling for me,'' he said.
During the Cultural Revolution a contingent of Red Guards showed up at the Shanghai home of the eminent calligrapher and writer Shen Yinmo (1883-1971).
Aside from his more than 300 musical works, he was a painter, poet, and calligrapher who studied sign language as well as Esperanto, an international language invented in the late 1800s.
People tell us what they want and we will tell the calligrapher to do it,'' said Mr John.
At the scriptorium this past fall, calligrapher Brian Simpson arrived with a rolled-up batch of completed pages.
The stamp, designed by calligrapher Mohamed Zakariya, features the Arabic phrase "Eid mubarak" in gold against a blue background.
In the interview, Mouneer Al-Shaa`rani--artist, calligrapher and book-designer--traces his trajectory in the world of aesthetics from his early training in Damascus by the leading calligrapher of Syria to his study of Graphic Design and his subsequent exhibitions in the Arab World and Europe as well as his writing on the history and significance of Islamic art.
The five other recipients of the award are sinologist Tadao Ishikawa, 78, leather craftswoman Fukuko Okubo, 81, calligrapher Kason Sugioka, 87, organic chemist Ryoji Noyori, 62, and actress Isuzu Yamada, 83.