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Adj.1.calligraphical - of or relating to or expressed in calligraphy
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Paintings like Deutsch's The Philosopher exemplify not only the decorative and lifestyle refinements of the East, such as opulent fabrics and rugs, exquisite tiles calligraphically inscribed in perfect kufic style and elaborate antique incense burners, so admired and lovingly recorded by the Orientalists, but also Deutsch's eloquent respect for nuances of facial expression and the dignity of Arab culture.
Baruchello's paintings are also made from found material, but the "clips" used for the creation of a narrative are images layered in the mind and restored to the world through a reconstruction that is drawn almost calligraphically, defining the image through a technique like that of a graphic or fashion designer.
Located in south Delhi is the Qutab Minar, an architectural marvel built with red sandstone and decorated with verses from the Koran etched calligraphically.