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A proteolytic enzyme regulated by the concentration of calcium ions.

[Probably cal(cium) + p(rote)a(se) + -in.]


any of various enzymes in mammals and other organisms that are involved in the proteolysis of endogenous proteins and are regulated by the concentration of calcium ions
[C20: from cal(modulin) + (pa)pain]
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We have been focused on calpain inhibition for DMD, and as a result of extensive research we believe that we have developed a unique, proprietary, safe and efficient, targeted calpain inhibitor.
When washed platelets were treated with a calpain selective inhibitor, calpeptin (50 [micro]g/mL), platelet aggregation in response to the thromboxane synthetic agonist U46619 (1 [micro]M) was completely abolished (Figure 4, trace a), whereas platelet response to Ni[Cl.
OTC BB: XKEM) announced that its majority-owned subsidiary Ceptor Corporation, has received a grant in the amount of $145,226 in support of a project to study "Protection From Hearing Loss Using Calpain Inhibitors".
Calpain contributes to silica-induced I[kappa]B[alpha] degradation and nuclear factor-[kappa]B activation.
Any damage to the cellular membrane by trauma or genetic mutation, which results in Ca2+ influx, leads to calpain activation.
Variation at the calpain 3 gene is associated with meat tenderness in zebu and composite breeds of cattle.
MYODUR includes carnitine, a membrane transport carrier molecule that targets skeletal muscle, and its passenger molecule, leupeptin, a known calpain inhibitor.
The Company is also investigating the potential use of calpain inhibitors in the treatment of stroke and cerebral vasospasm.
Ceptor's lead product, MYODUR, includes the carnitine carrier and the peptide, leupeptin, a known calpain inhibitor.
Oxidative environments decrease tenderization of beef steaks through inactivation of calpain.
Huff-Lonergan and Lonergan (2005) and Kristensen and Purslow (2001) reported that protein oxidation, which occurs during aging, causes intra- and/or inter-protein disulfide cross-links of the calpain histidine and cysteine residues as well as degradation of vinculin and desmin.