References in classic literature ?
Ah Comte de la Fere," said a calm voice, though hoarse with running, "is it your habit to calumniate the absent?
This is not a Corsican arbor, but an English garden; badly kept, I own, but still you must not calumniate it for that.
Married--to the villain who had not hesitated to calumniate the woman whom he had ruined, and then to cast her helpless on the world.
Monseigneur calumniates him," said Gourville, laughing, "if he is come, it is not with a bad intention.
For variations of this latter claim, see plate 11, "All deities reside in the human Breast" (E 38), and the Memorable Fancy on plate 22: "those who envy or calumniate great men hate God, for there is no other God" (E 43).
Rejecting the equivalence between satire and libel, The Craftsman insists that libel designs "to calumniate the Persons and misrepresent the Actions of Men, either in a publick or private Station, for vile, wicked and unjust Purposes.
Writing about a quarter of a century earlier, William Cobbett rants against those who called English labourers 'peasants': 'the insolent vagabonds who live on their labour may call them ignorant; calumniate while they starve them; talk of their want of education.
The petition argues that AygE-n's tweets about the Gezi protests indirectly target Erdoy-an in an explicit attempt to humiliate, calumniate and insult the prime minister, not merely to criticize him.