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How often was he attacked by opposition and defamation and calumniation regarding what he did not or did and slander and vilification: but he was unaffected by it and did not busy himself with answering the slanderers, nor did he manifest any distress at the calumny of the confused (or: the muddle-headed; or: the scheming).
As Marc Fasteau has demonstrated, the framers of the Vietnam War era rigorously categorized any opposition to the war as "unmasculine"; draft-dodgers were characterized as androgynous with the same derision that met similar characterizations of counterculture hippies; anyone attempting to elude service in the War invited the calumniation and deeper hazards of charges of effeminacy and sexual deviance.
28) In the former case, they legalised real-name registration in South Korea, which in itself manifests a sentiment not only in support of people's conservative ideas but also one of stricter control over the nation due to threats of online crimes and calumniation.