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n. pl. cal·var·i·ums or cal·var·i·a (-ē-ə)
The upper domelike portion of the skull without the lower jaw or the lower jaw and the facial parts.

[Latin calvāria, skull, from calva, from calvus, bald.]


(Zoology) the top part of the skull of vertebrates. Nontechnical name: skullcap
[C14: from Late Latin: (human) skull, from Latin calvus bald]
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Noun1.calvaria - the dome of the skull
bone, os - rigid connective tissue that makes up the skeleton of vertebrates
braincase, brainpan, cranium - the part of the skull that encloses the brain
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4 ppm) significantly decreased the differentiation of rat calvaria preosteoblasts; furthermore, they also found that short-term, high-dose arsenic (10 mg/kg/day for 4 weeks) administered by intraperitoneal injection, an unusual route of arsenic exposure, decreased both femur BMD and trabecular bone volume in rats.
Lot 3 6 200 pcs Advanced Microphone Speaker, approximately 3,400 headsets with microphones calvaria or throat microphones.
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