calves' liver

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Noun1.calves' liver - liver of a calf used as meat
liver - liver of an animal used as meat
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250g calves' liver, leg of lamb steaks, or beef steak 1 tsp of Baharat spice (this isn't a hot spice, just fragrant, and you can buy it in all supermarkets) 1/2 tsp ground peppercorns 2 x pots of good quality houmous handful flat leafed parsley, chopped 4 tbsp pine nuts vegetable/olive oil 1 Cut whatever meat you've chosen into small cubes.
Pork and beef from the grill, burgers and chicken salads are joined by lamb rump, calves' liver and roast quail.
Calves' liver served with gently cooked onion, butter and sage was good, with a deft sweet-sour touch.
50 followed by seared calves' liver served with mash and sauted cabbage and bacon with a pepper and baby onion jus, pounds 16.
Calves' liver is very rich in iron, although pregnant women should eat liver sparingly.
He enjoyed, too, the calves' liver that he ordered as a main course.
We sallied on with calves' liver, old spot bacon, creamed potatoes and sauce diable for her and Craster fish pie for me.
Increase your B5 foods by eating more calves' liver, sesame seeds, peanuts, pecans and walnuts.
Will ordered calves' liver with a grain mustard mash and honey roasted parsnips in red wine, which again was absolutely gorgeous.
But she loves my calves' liver, bacon and foie gras terrine, spreads slabs of parfait of chicken livers and foie gras on toast and always chooses sauteed foie gras, potato pancake and onion chutney when it's on the menu and that's all offal in one shape or form.
Meatballs have always been popular and minestrone and calves' liver.