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 (kăv, käv)
v. calved, calv·ing, calves
1. To give birth to a calf.
2. To break at an edge, so that a portion separates. Used of a glacier or iceberg.
1. To give birth to (a calf).
2. To set loose (a mass of ice). Used of a glacier or iceberg.

[Middle English calven, from Old English *calfian, from calf, calf.]
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Noun1.calving - giving birth to a calf
birthing, giving birth, parturition, birth - the process of giving birth


[ˈkɑːvɪŋ] nparto (di bovini)
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We do not use that often - except when calving cows stray in summer.
Variability in distances between successive calving sites was also observed across the time period of the study (Fig.
Producers need to know the expected calving date of their cows and group them accordingly.
WELSHPOOL farmer Richard Tudor is enjoying a stress-free end to the calving season thanks to the use of an innovative calving detection aid, the Moocall.
Five hundred and fifty-nine Angus crossbred females (410 cows and 149 heifers) were used to compare pregnancy attainment and calving distributions of females administered either a killed or modified-live pre-breeding vaccine per label recommendations.
Abu Dhabi: Eco officials are monitoring the calving of dolphins in Abu Dhabi waters for the first time as part of new efforts to protect native stocks of the water mammals, say officials.
Their focus was on cattle with superior Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) for calving ease and milk, combined with good 200- and 400-Day Weight EBVs.
However, most farms do not transcribe service information in their milk recording system although it is compulsory for birth date and calving dates to be recorded in the Republic of Korea.
To provide pellets for Jersey heifer calves up to post weaningTo provide a complementary feed stuff in bags, designed to be fed to Jersey cows pre calving.
Parameters studied included calf birth weight, calf weaning weight at 7 months adjusted to 210 days, pre-weaning average daily gain (growth rate from birth to 7 months), weight of calf at 12 months adjusted to 365 days, weight of calf at 18 months adjusted 540 days, post-weaning average daily gain of calf (growth rate from 7 to 12 months), and age at first calving and calving interval of cow.
In addition, the calving ease direct EBV has continued to improve.
Farmers plan for each cow to have a calf once each year so farmers try to get their cows back in calf within 65 days of their calving date.