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or cam·ass  (kăm′əs)
1. Any of several plants of the genus Camassia, especially C. quamash of western North America, having grasslike leaves, a raceme of blue flowers, and a bulb that has traditionally been an important food for various Native American peoples. Also called quamash.
2. Death camas.

[Nez Perce qém'es, qém'eš.]
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Noun1.camas - any of several plants of the genus Camassiacamas - any of several plants of the genus Camassia; North and South America
liliaceous plant - plant growing from a bulb or corm or rhizome or tuber
Camassia, genus Camassia, genus Quamassia, Quamassia - genus of scapose herbs of North and South America having large edible bulbs
Camassia quamash, common camas - plant having a large edible bulb and linear basal leaves and racemes of light to deep violet-blue star-shaped flowers on tall green scapes; western North America
Camassia leichtlinii, Leichtlin's camas - camas found to the west of Cascade Mountains
Camassia scilloides, indigo squill, wild hyacinth - eastern camas; eastern and central North America
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The first residents at Camas Walk will move into their homes in the next three to four months, and families and couples alike will benefit from an easy commute thanks to nearby railway links and direct road access to the M74.
This year Camas Country Mill is on track to mill 2 1/2 million pounds of whole grain products.
Draw Heat 1 1 Raggletaggle Rio 2 Kereight King 3 Camas Crash 4 Priceless Rumble (m) 5 Tullna Lough (m) 6 Laughil George (w).
So far in the 2012 season, the undefeated Papermakers (11-0) have accumulated $3,800 for the Camas Athletics Booster Club by scoring a staggering 76 touchdowns.
Nas sub-parcelas (12 x 6,5 m), aplicou-se na superficie do solo, sem incorporacao, camas de aviario na projecao da copa, nas doses de 0; 5; 10 e 20 t [ha.
El personal del hospital enfatizo su interes especial en analizar los recursos de camas en el area de Obstetricia-Ginecologia del departamento de emergencias y, ademas, solicito que la propuesta de mejora no incluyera modificaciones en la planta de doctores y enfermeras.
Expertos de varias partes del mundo descubrieron que el riesgo de sufrir cancer en la piel, especificamente el melanoma, aumenta 75 por ciento en personas que comenzaron a usar camas solares antes de los 30 anos de edad; asimismo, se ha relacionado esta forma de bronceado con melanoma en los ojos.
Segundo Paulo (2003) deve-se considerar que o uso de camas sobrepostas na suinocultura proporciona economia significativa de agua utilizada nos processos produtivos e evita o lancamento das aguas residuarias nos cursos d'agua.
Verizon Communications (NYSE:VZ), a provider of broadband and other wireline and wireless communications, announced on Tuesday (18 November) that the company has been authorised to offer its FiOS TV services in Camas, Washington, USA.
East Valley responded and went ahead 8-6 after Jose Camas rushed for a 2-yard score and found Maurice Bull on the two-point conversion.
I read about the island marble in an article by lepidopterist Crispin Guppy that described the decline of ten butterfly species from habitat destruction in these places of camas.
They fed them salmon and camas (from the lily family) roots, showed them how to burn out logs to make canoes, and guided them toward the Columbia River.