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n. pl. cam·bi·ums or cam·bi·a (-bē-ə)
A lateral meristem in vascular plants, including the vascular cambium and cork cambium, that forms parallel rows of cells resulting in secondary tissues.

[Medieval Latin, exchange, from Late Latin cambīre, cambiāre, to exchange, of Celtic origin.]

cam′bi·al adj.
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Adj.1.cambial - of or relating to or functioning as a cambium
phytology, botany - the branch of biology that studies plants
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To date, only two photographs, which depict the arrangement of cambial initials in the tangential section, have been published (Cheadle, 1937; Philipson et al.
Larvae feed in the cambial region creating distinctive meandering galleries, and adults leave D-shaped holes about 5 mm wide on the bark surface as they exit trees (Haack & Acciavatti 1992).
Essential requirements for cambial activity are temperature and water supply.
in press); and c) restriction of cambial activity to shifting sectors of the circumference (Rossi et al.
A relevancia de premios por risco soberano e risco cambial no uso do CAPM para a estimacao do custo de capital das empresas.
Angolan economy, it means that regulators, banks and oil companies will all be watching closely as the Lei sobre o Regime Cambial AplicEivel ao Sector PetrolE[degrees]fero, or Law on Foreign Exchange Regulations Applicable to the Oil Sector, is implemented over the coming 12 months.
This aquatic rodent's diet consists primarily of the cambial tissue under the bark of cottonwood and willow growing in the woodland.
Article 13 enumerates the domains in which unitary laws will function or unitary fundamental principles will be established by the institutions of central law-making: citizenship, documents of civil status, name, migration, admission conditions to universities and public functions, brevets, measurements and weights, marking, artistic and literary property, imposition system, monopoly, penal law and procedure, civil law and procedure, commercial, cambial, maritime law and procedure, but the administration of all of the above will be dealt with exclusively by the provinces.
He concluded that if cambial regime taken into consideration then degree of trade openness in a country exerted positive effect on inclination of Phillips' curve.
The oldest trees were from Klanu Mire (mean tree cambial age 184 years) and Niedraju-Pikas Mire (mean tree cambial age 180 years).