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A person who drives or rides a camel.


a camel-driver


(ˌkæm əˈlɪər)

a camel driver.
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Known as Cameleer Goran, he always travels with his camel.
My latest YA historical fiction aimed at an older readership is The Youngest Cameleer.
My other historical novel The Youngest Cameleer is aimed at older children and young adults.
Levy is an equine professional, master farrier, cameleer and a world- renowned empath.
Fortunately for the others on that same lonely bitumen, he gave up drinking and driving big rigs, preferring to cameleer in the Northern Territory.
As legendary figures, the bushman and the cameleer belong to what is often presented as a `golden age' in the manifold pages of Australian memories and histories.
Some may be descendants of Malay indentured laborers, or "Afghan" cameleers, who were brought in the 19th century to help run camel caravans across Australia.
Conducting collective community meetings with the cameleers, wood cutters for sustainable use of the mangrove forests.
Indian and Afghan cameleers (Rajkowski 1995), and African-American, West Indian and Maori whalers, and Chinese gold diggers in Victoria in the late 1800s also contributed to Australia's mixed relations (Haebich 1988:48; Rajkowski 1995).
The first Afghan cameleers arrived in Melbourne in June 1860 - eight men with 24 camels specially imported for the Burke and Wills expedition.
Anti-Islamic sentiment is not new and goes back to the time of the Afghan Cameleers in the nineteenth century, but has been fanned in modern times by Islamist terror attacks since 9/11, and especially since the murder of 202 civilians, including 88 Australians in a bombing of a Bali nightclub in 2002 (Saniotis, 2004).
In 1865-66, in order to open up the inland, the South Australian firm Elders imported 120 camels together with their Afghan cameleers (Australian Encyclopaedia 1979, 1:449).