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Noun1.camelpox - a viral disease of camels closely related to smallpox; "with a little genetic engineering camelpox could be used as a bioweapon"
animal disease - a disease that typically does not affect human beings
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Reference gene selection for quantitative real-time PCR analysis in virus infected cells: SARS corona virus, Yellow fever virus, Human Herpesvirus-6, Camelpox virus and Cytomegalovirus infections.
Experimental camelpox infection in vaccinated and unvaccinated dromedaries.
A smallpox diagnostic panel compiled by Inger Damon s laboratory at the CDC included 12 different variola virus isolates (VAR), 13 different strains and isolates of camelpox, cowpox (CPV), ectromelia, herpes, monkeypox, Staphylococcus aureus, vaccinia (VV), and varicella-zoster viruses (VZV).
Monkeypox is part of a family of viruses that cause human smallpox, cowpox, and camelpox as well as monkeypox.
Many are experts on smallpox or other diseases that could be used by terrorists such as mousepox, camelpox or Ebola.
Al-Manal: Foot-and-Mouth Disease vaccine facility, also research on viral warfare agents including: haemorraghic conjunctivitis, human rota virus, and camelpox.
Iraqi bioweapons specialists are known to have been working with the camelpox virus, which may be used as a surrogate for research on smallpox therapies and vaccines and for the development of the smallpox virus as a weapon.
Researchers have found camelpox is so similar to smallpox that only a small change in its genes would make it deadly.
Iraq's research into viruses - including polio, influenza, foot and mouth disease, the camelpox virus, infectious haemorrhagic conjunctivitis virus and rotavirus - was also worrying.