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(kăm′ər-ə-rĕd′ē, kăm′rə-)
Prepared in such a way as to be appropriate for photographing prior to being made into a printing plate: camera-ready art; camera-ready text copy.


(of text or illustrations) ready to be photographed.
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April 17:AAAI-12 Technical and Special Track camera-ready copy due
The book provides camera-ready originals that can be photocopied, distributed, and completed.
Murdoch's talent scouts will be looking for camera-ready Jesse Ventura types, appealing plumbers or tell-it-like-it-is assembly line workers.
It is remotely programmable from any touch-tone telephone, and it comes with camera-ready mountings and relay.
Promo kits include T-shirts, Skyy, Major Peters' and Coors Light items, banners, camera-ready artwork, sample press release and radio copy, step-by-step execution info.
At press time, NSI was developing a Web site and planning distribution channels for mid-September, but had not yet determined pricing for multiple copies and camera-ready art that facilities can use to print their own.
The American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI) recently released to 10,000 newspapers nationwide a camera-ready newspaper article which promotes frozen food products as ideal meal solutions for the holiday season.
You might want to find another printer or make sure your translator has given you camera-ready copy.
Ten books--1,500 pages of camera-ready text--were finished and sent to the printer only last week.
Essentially, Ad express software allows advertisers to electronically place camera-ready ads in participating publications.
The firm would need a professional artist to custom design each cartoon and prepare camera-ready artwork for the printer.
Editors: Download camera-ready photos of an artfully placed pine sapling inside of a pine-needle basket made by women in Oaxaca, Mexico.