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1. (Law) of or relating to a judicial or legislative chamber
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) of or relating to a judicial or legislative chamber
[C18: from Medieval Latin camerālis; see camera]


(ˈkæm ər əl, ˈkæm rəl)

of or pertaining to a judicial or legislative chamber or the privacy of such a chamber.
[1755–65; < Medieval Latin camerālis, derivative of camer(a) treasury, governmental chamber]
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in the Cameral Room at the Westin Indianapolis, which is connected to the Indianapolis Convention Center.
venpick offers the island's best desserts and it's hard to disagree with such a vast choice which included dragon fruit tart, cream cameral and double choc mouse to name but a few.
Similarly, only a single species of Lituitina (= Palliocerida, Astrovioidea; group of externally shelled cephalopods with lamellar cameral deposits, which was previously included in Orthocerida and now is considered to be a distinct evolutionary lineage; Dzik 1984; Zhuravleva & Doguzhaeva 2002) retaining shell colouration is known (Sphooceras truncatum Barrande; Turek & Manda 2012).
Arukh, however, sought to justify the creation of a council saying there was a demand for state legislature being made bi- cameral.
The human eye, with its dual cameral system and delicate structures, may be vulnerable to blast-wave and shear-force injury, even when there is no obvious direct trauma to the eye.
First, cameral rules are nonjusticiable political questions.
institutional self-dealing that is created by cameral self-judging of
The perception of being excluded from different socially composed areas, or of being forced into a more cameral existence behind gates, may tend to perpetuate a negative stereotype.
Once the internal cameral debates over punitive damages and other
It has a client portfolio that includes the Spanish Directorate General of the Police and Civil Guard (the national eID card-the DNIe, and the ePassport), the Royal Spanish Mint (CERES-FNMT), Banesto, Izenpe, CATCert, the General Council of Spanish Bar Associations (CGAE), the Land and Mercantile Registrars Association of Spain, the National Postal Administration of Uruguay, Portugal's Notariocert and Colombia's Sociedad Cameral de Certificacion Digital.
There, the Holmfirth Cameral Club is playing host to a prestigious exhibition by the Digital Imaging Group of the Royal Photographic Society.
The classical opinion can be viewed as Cameral and Schneider Accounting Systems, and the modern opinion can be separated into Constante and Logismography Accounting Systems.