(kăm′ər-ə-pûr′sən, kăm′rə-)
One who operates a television or movie camera.


(ˈkæmrəˌpɜːsən; ˈkæmərəˌpɜːsən)
a camera operator


(ˈkæm ər əˌpɜr sən, ˈkæm rə-)

a person who operates a camera.
usage: See -person.
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A document available with reporter told that female cameraperson has had filed petition in the Federal Ombudsman about her sexually harassment.
He previously served as a special consultant in communications for Michigan Government Television; a cameraperson and segment producer for Nightline, NBC Sportsworld, CNN, and PBS; and as an instructor for the Michigan State University College of Education, developing the colleges first multi-media classroom and teaching media production to undergraduates.
By the time Walker returned to the US with his cameraperson, Adrian Price, things had shifted: Giles had moved over to the Super PACs, and what was originally a project that aimed to document a campaign had turned into one exposing the usually overlooked PAC system.
National Voice news channel cameraperson Ranvijay died on the spot, while journalist Aashu Tiwari was rushed to the Lucknow Trauma Center where he was pronounced dead by the doctors.
A cameraperson might intentionally or through unconscious bias (166) choose a lens, filter, or angle to make a suspect look more sinister (167) or guilty, (168) make a wound seem deeper or shallower, (169) or make a distance seem greater or smaller.
The camera didn't do a bad job, but it moved constantly, like a novice cameraperson trying to achieve perfect framing but never quite succeeding.
Going back to the look-see video, clicking on the 'go shopping' section, a video is opened where the cameraperson asks a current expatriate a series of questions about shopping whilst the shopper goes round a wet market.
Accompanied by a cameraperson I found myself at his (Modi's) first election rally.
We had delegated roles and I was going to be the cameraperson.
The assistant turned out to be a very good cameraperson.
Other studies showed that filmmaking playshops enable kindergartners and 1st graders to coordinate roles of director, author, actor, and cameraperson and to improvise as they pooled their ideas in ways that made the emerging storyline more complex and innovative (Wohlwend, 2011).
Yes, the new creative is a copywriter and art director, but also a director, a film editor, a cameraperson, and more.