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came 1

A slender grooved lead bar used to hold together the panes in stained glass or latticework windows.

[Possibly dialectal kame, ridge; see kame.]

came 2

Past tense of come.


the past tense of come


(Crafts) a grooved strip of lead used to join pieces of glass in a stained-glass window or a leaded light
[C17: of unknown origin]



pt. of come.



a slender, grooved bar of lead for holding together the pieces of glass in windows of latticework or stained glass.
[1680–90; figurative use of came ridge]
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The reason for the lead failure was the purity of the lead alloy used to make the cames at the time when the whole lead matrix had been replaced.
Su posicion ha sido bien defendida contra la gran competencia de la marca Knorr de Unilever de hortalizas, pasta y mezclas de cames congeladas en cajas, que fueron retiradas del mercado el pasado agosto despues de aproximadamente un ano de distribucion.
The methodic set up for this conception may be used, in the future, in Integrated Manufacturing Systems (CAD, CAM, CAMes.
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This cames days after US Defence Secretary Rumsfeld criticised Al-Arabiya and Al-Jazeera, the other main satellite TV channel that broadcasts to the region in Arabic.
From Bang-i-Dara to Armaghan-iHijaz, one cames across severe indictments of feudalism and associated behaviour patterns.
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