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came 1

A slender grooved lead bar used to hold together the panes in stained glass or latticework windows.

[Possibly dialectal kame, ridge; see kame.]

came 2

Past tense of come.


the past tense of come


(Crafts) a grooved strip of lead used to join pieces of glass in a stained-glass window or a leaded light
[C17: of unknown origin]



pt. of come.



a slender, grooved bar of lead for holding together the pieces of glass in windows of latticework or stained glass.
[1680–90; figurative use of came ridge]
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Le calage variable de l'arbre a cames fournit la quantite parfaite d'air pour ameliorer au maximum le processus de combustion, eliminant ainsi tout risque de gaspillage du carburant.
Les moteurs disponibles sont les 1 897 cmA, 1 698 cmA et le 2 068 cmA a arbre a cames en tete, 4 cylindres en ligne essence.
For his part, Secretary of the alliance of the Palestinian factions Khaled Abdul Majeed said that the western-Zionist conspiracy against Syria came due to Syria's pan-Arab stances in defending the Palestinian cause.
Currently, the AUB CAMES intensive summer program hosts approximately 60 students.
The move cames less than two weeks after Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu abandoned plans for 24,000 housing units in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
The announcement cames one day ahead of the November 1 deadline set by the Hague-based Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons for Damascus to destroy or "render inoperable" all chemical weapon production facilities and machinery for mixing chemicals into poison gas and filling munitions.
The Israeli police provoked worshipers, which led to clashes between them, in which the Israeli army used stun grenades, tear gas in addition to rubber bullets, witnesses said This cames after two days of clashes at the site of the mosque between Israeli police and the worshipers, at which time the police were the first to instigate attacking the worshipers.
It cames as EU leaders agreed on Friday on a EUR130billion package to revive economies.
Confirmation of his capture cames just a day after the Magpies unveiled Senegal striker Demba Ba as their second summer arrival, following Cabaye.
The three-year-old cames from the rear to fill the runner-up spot behind the brilliant Frankel in the 2000 Guineas at Newmarket, and is favourite to go one place better this weekend.
His comments cames as tens of thousands of people in Cairo, Alexandria and other cities continued to call for the resignation of Mubarak.