1. Camouflage fabric.
2. cammies Garments made from camouflage fabric.

[Shortening and alteration of camouflage.]


a webcam award


(ˈkæm i)
1. camouflage.
2. cammies, a camouflage uniform; a camouflage garment or garments.
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Notes: For any questions relating to this Request for Proposal offering or would like an electronic copy of the Request for Proposal emailed to you, please contact Cammie Ehret-Stevens via email at cammie.
Cammie may be the Chameleon to most, only being seen when she wants to be seen, but he's seen her.
One sip led to plenty more, and soon Cammie was getting drunk almost every weekend.
North America, Cammie McBrayer of Marietta, Georgia, to help empower women across the nation to say no to abuse.
MARKETING whiz Cammie McWilliam swapped chilly Aberdeenshire for sunny Dubai - and he's in no hurry to come home.
In "Stone Cold Butch," Cammie is sexually abused by her father.
Cammie Forbes, 17, who was first diagnosed with leukaemia 10 years ago, was given a life-saving bone marrow transplant by Alistair, eight.
SCOTLAND could throw Cammie Murray in as an emergency openside flanker against France after Martin Leslie was cited for foul play in Monday's World Cup win over the United States.
Can Seven-year-old Cammie and her little brother Cooper find a wave to save the rain forests?
They've needed something like this for a long time,'' said Crystal Fernandez of Northridge, who brought her three children - Christian, 4; Kellie, 3; and Cammie, 1.
McGeechan will use the tour to aid the rehabilitation of injured players such as Cammie Murray, Shaun Longstaff, Glenn Metcalfe and Martin Leslie.